Packing for a Cruise

Packing for a CruisePacking for a cruise can be a challenge with such a variety of activities planned. Use these packing tips to help you think ahead, plan carefully, and travel light for your best cruise experience. Afterall, how many times have you gotten home only to unpack numerous unused items from your suitcase? No more! Here are some easy strategies to help you cruise easy:

Start with a good packing list

Start with a comprehensive packing list. Read it over and cross out any non-essentials for you personally, then begin adding additional things you want to bring. Start this process early if possible, so you have time to list and purchase even small items that you might otherwise overlook. Make a digital copy and save it to your computer for next time, or just take a photo that you keep on your smartphone to refer to when needed.

Plan outfits carefully

When planning what clothes to pack, consider the number of days you’re cruising, as well as the different events and outings that you’ve planned. Make a list of how many formal or casual events you’ll attend and decide the minimum number of outfits you could bring. Pack tops or skirts that can be used for multiple activities. Choose neutral colors that are interchangeable to allow easy mixing and matching. Purchasing no-wrinkle, quick drying clothing is perfect for travel and it can be washed by hand if needed. It’s not bulky so this clothing will also save packing space. Depending on the activities you’re planning for your trip, you generally need only three comfortable pairs of shoes: sandals for touring and relaxing, dress shoes for evenings, and athletic shoes for exercise or excursions. Wearing bulkier items while traveling can also save space in your luggage.

Use suitcase space efficiently

When packing for a cruise, use every bit of space in your suitcase by rolling clothing tightly and packing it into ziplock bags, which you can compress and seal to take up the least amount of space. Some people like to use packing cubes also to stay organized. Stuff small items like socks inside all shoes, so no space is wasted. If you’re traveling with someone else, consider splitting your items between the two suitcases in case one is lost in transit.

Leave suitcase space for purchases or bring extra bag

Many of us like to buy a few things on a trip, so plan luggage space accordingly or bring a small packable/expandable bag with you for extra items on the trip home. Bring something that can double as a day bag for items while you’re relaxing poolside or on an excursion into port. You may also want to bring less clothing if you tend to shop for new things while on vacation.

Pack trial size items

Items that you forget can often be purchased at ports of call or even onboard, but prices may be high. Bring trial sizes to save space and to comply with airport rules, but be sure to bring enough.

Less is often more, so hopefully these packing tips help you plan outfits carefully, pack efficiently, and travel light to make your cruise travel smooth and easy.

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  1. Great, I was just searching for some good ideas because I don’t want to carry so much this time around.

  2. Thanks for your good ideas. I’m trying to keep it to one small suitcase, so some of these tips should help.

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